Library of the
Research Institute
for Linguistics

Benczúr u. 33.

H-1068 Budapest


P.O. Box. 360
Budapest H-1394

(36-1) 342-9372
(36-1) 322-9297



The linguistics research library was founded in 1949. The library's collection focuses on Hungarian linguistics, in addition to general, theoretical and applied linguistics, Uralic linguistics, and phonetics. We have nearly 45,000 volumes of books, printed and on-line periodicals. The library has special collections as well: Old and rare books, the Samu Imre Library, and the Zita Réger Library. Our on-line electronic catalogue has been the HunTéka system since 2012. The reading room is open to students and researchers. A passport or identification card is required for a free registration, but borrowing privileges are reserved for the research staff of RIL. No fees are charged. We provide information services, as well bibliographic search.