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Research Group for Latin Historical Linguistics and Dialectology



chair: Béla Adamik, Scientific Advisor




Cser, András, research professor

Barta, Andrea, research fellow

Simon, Zsolt, research fellow

Tantimonaco, Silvia, Marie Skłodowska Curie-Research fellow (01.10.2018 – 30.04.2021)

Gonda, Attila, junior research fellow

Paulus, Nóra, junior research fellow


Work in the Research Group focuses on two areas: (1) changes in the phonological and morphological system of Pre-Classical and Classical Latin (Principal Investigator: András Cser); (2) temporal (diachronic) and spatial (dialectological) analysis of changes in the Late Latin period on the basis of the Computerized Historical Linguistic Database of Latin Inscriptions of the Imperial Age with the purpose of identifying hitherto undocumented processes leading to the emergence of the Romance languages (Principal Investigator: Béla Adamik). The Research Group was formerly known as Lendület (‘Momentum’) Research Group for Computational Latin Dialectology (01.07.2015–30.06.2021).



Modified: 06.09.2021.