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Research Center for Multilingualism


     Chair:  Csilla Bartha, Senior Research Fellow

     E-mail: bcsilla[kukac]


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Everyday Multilingualism, Sustainable Linguistic Diversity and MultiN-Engagement. Mercator-LEARNMe Conference on Minority Language Research, Educational practice and Policy. Revisiting Methodology, Learning and Established Concepts

The LEARNMe White Paper on Linguistic Diversity has just been published. The abridged version is available HERE (link). Teh full version is downloadable from


Research profile

Representatives of the Research Center for Multilingualism adds their expertise and experience in the field of linguistic minority research. Their role range from organizing local events to participating in conferences and workshops organized in and out of their native country. They also participate in the networking and dissemination activities of the project Mercator Network of Language Diversity Centers. When organizing local events the role of the Center oversteps pure organizational duties, researchers wish to provide professional expertise too. They also play an important multiplier role: through their extensive professional contacts they can get knowledge and information through to other colleagues and relevant institutions of the ECE region including professionals and stake-holders alike.

The Center has been involved in the development of the Sign Language Law, which was adopted on the 9th of November, 2009 and recognizes sign language finally as an “independent and natural” language. Sign language became the 14th minority language that is used in Hungary besides Armenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Greek, Polish, Roma, Romanian, Ruthenian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian and Ukrainian (



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