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Curriculum Vitae



Candidate's degree (equivalent of Ph.D.) in lingiustics, specially in Hungarian syntax, 1983. Number of Ph.D. diploma: 10191 

University Doctorate in Text Theory, 1979.

ELTE University, Budapest. Number of diploma: 152/78-79.

MA in General and Applied Linguistics, ELTE University, Budapest, 1972.

Teachers' Training College , Pécs, teacher's diploma in Hungarian and History (equivalent of BA), 1970

Language skills: fluent English, Russian.


Professional experience:

1995- deputy director of Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of  Sciences
1995- head of Department of Theoretical Linguistics, ELTE University and Research  Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Aacdemy of Sciences
1998- Head of Department of Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics, Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of  Sciences
1992 – 1997 head of  Department of General and Applied Linguistics,  Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of  Sciences


Other Professional Activities:


member of the Educational Comittee of the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


member of the Editorial Board of Nyelvtudományi Közlemények (Papers in Linguistics), Budapest

1995-2000 member of the Hungarian National Accrediation Board
1994- member of the Editoral Board  of the Studies in General Linguistics, Akadémiai kiadó, Budapest
1993- member of the Comittee of Hungarian Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Topics, fields: 

Theory of Syntax

Hungarian Syntax

Neurolinguistics, Aphasia research

Mother tongue education



Concessive Conjunctions in Contemporary Hungarian, PhD.dissertation, Budapest, 1983. 285 p. Hungarian Academy of Sciences

On the Pragmatic Interpretation of the Theme of the Text,  (University Doctorate, Budapest, 1979. 125 p. ELTE University, Budapest


Selected projects, international cooperation:


Invited lecture:

University of Reading, Department of Linguistic Sciences: 1996, 1998.

University of Vienna, Department of General Linguistics: 2000, 2003.


Selected projects:


Restructuring of Theoretical Linguistics Programme, Soros-HESP. Participant

1994-1997 “Ost -West” , programme in aphasia research  University of Vienna and Research Institute for Linguistics, Budapest) Participant.
1997- Multingual ellipsis project, (University of Nijmegen, Theoretical Linguistics Programme, ELTE University, Research Institute for Linguistics, Budapest. Participant
1997- A Computational Model for Processing Lexical Information, Research Support Scheme, Open Society Institute projektum. Project leader.
2004 - How language specific is language? International cooperation on neurolinguistics, acquisition, language pathology, language architecture, brain imaging. Members: LSCP- Paris (Franck Ramus), Universität Potsdam (Eric Saddy), Hungarian Academy of Sciences (István Kenesei and Zoltán Bánréti), Budapest University of Technology & Economics (Csaba Pléh), SISSA-Trieste (Jacques Mehler), Utrecht University (Martin Everaert)


Selected lectures at international conferences:


Syntax and Parser, Academy of Aphasia, London, University of London, Center for Speech and Language


A Human Language Processor, 6th International Conference of Linguists, CNRS LLACAN, Paris

2000 Directionality of VP-Ellipsis in Sentence Processing, Conference on Linguistic theory, Speech and Language pathology, Speech therapy, Universita di Padova, augusztus 25.
2001 A többszörös interfészre épülő nyelvtan modell  és a Broca afázia nyelvi tünetei, MTA Interdiszciplináris Nyelvpatológiai Fórum, Budapest, MTA. (Broca’s aphasia and the multiple interface model of the grammar. An Interdisciplinary Forum on Linguistic Pathology.
2002 Ellipsis in agrammatic aphasia: Confrenece on Linguistic Socialization Language Acquisition and Language Disorder, in honor of Zita Réger, Budapest, 2002. október 7-9.
2003 Economy principles of grammar in agrammatic aphasia, Acedemy Aphasia, Bécs, október 18-21
  Economy principles of grammar in agrammatic aphasia, Acedemy Aphasia, Bécs, október 18-21
2004 Az univerzális nyelvtan alapelveinek korlátozódása agrammatikus afáziában:  II. Nyelvpatológiai Fórum  Afázia – a neurológiától a lingvisztikáig, Budapest, 2004. április 22. (Impairments in the Principles of Universal Grammar in agrammatic aphasia. Interdisciplinary Forum on Linguistic Pathology  Aphasia: from Neurology to Linguistics.
  A nyelvtan sérülése agrammatikus afáziában, a Magyar Tudomány Napja, nov 18. előadás a Magyar Tudományos Akadémián. (The impaired grammar in agrammatic aphasia. Lecture at the Hungarian Acedemy of Sciences, at the Day of Hungarian Sciences ,18 nov 2004).
2005 On the And-type conjunction and its function in agreement: 7th International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian, Veszprém May 29-31.
2006 A nyelvtan sérülése (Impairrnents in Grammar): X. Konferencia az Alzheiemer kórról (10th Conference on the Alzheimer disease) Szeged, Sept. 20-22.