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Department of Theoretical Linguistics


     Chair: Huba Bartos, Senior Research Fellow

     Research Coordinator: Kinga Gárdai



Phonology and Morphology Research Group

Grammar and Pragmatics Research Group

Diachronic and Comparative Syntax Research Group

ELTE-MTA Department of Theoretical Linguistics

Comprehensive Grammar Resources – Hungarian

MTA NYTI Lendület Quantifier Scope Research Group

The Psycholinguistics of Quantification (OTKA 108951)

Theoretical and experimental approaches to dialectal variation and contact-induced change: a case study of Tundra Nenets (NKFI FK 129235)


Completed Projects not Assigned to Research Groups:

The Psycholinguistics of Quantification. 2013-2018, OTKA 108951



Last modified: 05.01.2021