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Diachronic and Comparative Syntax Research Group




Implications of endangered Uralic languages for syntactic theory and the history of Hungarian

“Frontline” Research Excellence Programme

2019-2023, NKFI 129921


Nominal Structures in Uralic Languages (NSUL)

2017-2021, NKFI 125206


A concise historical grammar of the Hungarian noun phrase

2017-2020, NKFI 125070


Languages under the Influence. Uralic Syntax Changing in an Asymmetrical Contact Situation

2016-2017, ERC_15_HU, OTKA 118079


Yulia Speshilova, junior research fellow


Hungarian Generative Diachronic Syntax 2

2015-2019, OTKA K 112057


Diachronic and comparative linguistic study of Hungarian noun phrases and determiners
2014-2017, OTKA PD 112828


Hungarian Generative Diachronic Syntax

2009-2014, OTKA K 78074


The Psycholinguistics of Quantification

OTKA 108951


Last modified: 14.12.2020