Edited by Ferenc Kiefer and Zoltán Bánréti

Research Institute for Linguistics HAS, TINTA Publishing House
Budapest 2012


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Twenty years of theoretical linguistics in Budapest 7
András Márton Baló: Changes and variety in the Lovary verbal system 9
Zsuzsanna Bárkányi and Zoltán Kiss: Is /v/ different? 25
Emil Gergely Dyekiss: Finite state automatons in information states 45
Anna Gazdik: Towards an LFG analysis of discourse functions in Hungarian 59
Zsófia Gyarmathy: The role of granularity in event semantics 93
Péter Rácz: Salience in sociophonetics -- a case study of Hungarian hiatus resolution 109
Márton Sóskuthy: Morphology in the extreme: echo-pairs in Hungarian 123
Bogi Takács: Toward a quantitative semiotics? 145
László Varga: Rhytmical Variation in Hungarian revisited 161
Zsófia Zvolenszky: A Gricean rearrangement of epithets 183
Instructors at the Department of Theoretical Linguistics 219
Instructors at the Department in the last 20 years 221
Master's theses completed at the Department 230
Presenters at the TLP 20 Conference 237

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