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Innovative Networking in Infrastructure for Endangered Languages (INNET)

University of Cologne, Max Planck Institute, Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań), Research Institute for Linguistics HAS
The purpose of the project is to create research infrastructures – primarily cultural and language archives – that assist researchers of endangered languages and contribute to preserving the cultural heritage of endangered languages. The INNET project consists of three main activities: 1. intensifying the use and overall utilization of existing archivation techniques and networks, 2. revitalizing of existing researcher networks, 3. disseminating and popularizing existing archives among researchers as well as schools and the general public. As a result of the project, these language and cultural archives will be accessible by the general public, providing interested parties with insight on how they work and are used.

INNET portal
Grant ID: 284415 – Funding: the European Union
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