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  Address: 1068 Budapest VI., Benczúr u. 33., Hungary
  Postal Address: 1394 Budapest, P.O. Box 360., Hungary
  Phone: (36-1) 342-9372, (36-1) 322-1685
  Fax: (36-1) 322-9297


Map of the relevant area


Getting to the Institute

From city centre


In the city centre, at Deák tér or Vörösmarty tér, you can take the M1 underground line (infomally known as the “Yellow Line”). The Institute is a 5-minute walk from the Bajza utca stop of this underground.

When you come out of the underground, walk ahead on Andrássy út towards Heroes’ Square. Turn right at the first corner (Munkácsy Mihály utca) and walk two very short blocks to the end of this street. Now you have arrived at Benczúr utca and the Research Institute for Linguistics is across the street from you slightly to the left.

From Budapest Airport Terminal 2.


Public transport: Bus no. 200E – M3 – M1

Take the bus no. 200E from outside the airport terminal to the underground station called Kőbánya-Kispest, which is where the bus line terminates (the ride takes about 20 minutes). From here you can take the underground (M3 / “Blue Line”) to Deák tér underground station, where you have to change for metro line 1 (M1 / “Yellow Line”) in the direction “Mexikói út”. Get off at the stop called “Bajza utca”. The Institute can be found at 33 Benczúr street, a five minute walk from the underground station.

You can also take an Airport Shuttle from the Airport, which is a fixed-price taxi service, operating minibuses that carry 3-8 passengers together (see description above).


Taxis are also available from the taxi stand right outside the arrival hall. Only one taxi company (Főtaxi) is authorized to use the airport cab stands, but you can also call one of the taxi companies listed below. Please be aware that you expose yourself to risk if you use non-regulated taxi service providers soliciting at the terminal buildings. Licensed taxis are usually yellow, and they have an information board on the window proving that they are a licensed Budapest taxi. The price of taxis is regulated at a fixed tariff, so you can choose any of the licensed taxi companies.


Reputable taxi companies with a 24-hour quick dispatch include:


City Taxi: +36-1-2-111-111

Főtaxi: +36-1-222-2222

Budapest Taxi: +36-1-377-7777


For further information related to the airport, check the Budapest Airport website.


From Keleti Pályaudvar (Eastern Railway Station)


If you arrive by train from abroad, your most likely terminal is Keleti Pályaudvar ("East Station"), which is on the M2 (“Red Line”) of the Underground. Take the underground in the direction of "Déli Pályaudvar", and change at "Deák tér" station to the M1 (“Yellow Line”) in direction "Mexikói út". Get off at the stop called "Bajza utca", and you will reach the Institute by a five minute walk (see description above).


From Népliget coach station


If you arrive by coach from abroad, your most likely terminal is Népliget Buszpályaudvar, which is on the M3 line (“Blue Line”) of the underground. Take the underground in the direction of "Újpest-Központ", and change at "Deák tér" station to the M1 (“Yellow Line”) in the direction of "Mexikói út". Get off at the stop called “Bajza utca”, and you will reach the Institute by a five minute walk (see description above).

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Getting around in the city

The absolute transportational centerpoint of Budapest is Deák tér, where three of the four underground lines (M1, M2, M3) meet.

All major public transportation services within Budapest (buses, trams, trolleybuses, and the underground lines, as well as the green suburban trains called HÉV) are operated by the same company, the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK). Its English-language website can be found here.

Single tickets cost 350 forints, which is cca. 1.2 EUR, and they are valid for one uninterrupted trip without change (within the administrative boundaries of Budapest). During the time of validity (1 hour after stamping, 2 hours on night services) changes are allowed only between lines on the metro and underground network (M1, M2, and M3). Trip interruptions and return trips are not permitted. Remember that you must buy your ticket in advance, and get it stamped by the orange stamp-machines at underground stations, or perforated by the little red mechanical devices on buses, trams, trolleys, or the HÉV. (Some buses and trams now have the orange stamp-machine, too.)

Tickets are also available in 10-piece blocks (HUF 3000). A transfer ticket costs HUF 530, the Budapest 24-hour travel card is HUF 1650, the Budapest 72-hour travel card is HUF 4150, and the Budapest 7-day travel card is HUF 4950. Travel cards are valid for an unlimited number of trips within the time of validity.

You can also buy a Budapest 24-hour group ticket for HUF 3300, which can be used by up to 5 passengers travelling together in the same vehicle, and is valid for an unlimited number of trips within its time of validity. For further information about tickets check the BKK website.

Tickets are available at newsstands, and at BKK service counters found in most underground and HÉV stations, as well as at major terminals of bus and tram terminals. You can also buy tickets and some of the passes at ticket vending machines that can be found at lots of stations and stops. 

You may also buy a 24h, 48h or 72h Budapest Card that combines free public transport with several free services, e.g., free entry to 7 museums, free entry to one of the baths, guided walking tours, and a PocketGuide mobile app. For more information, please visit the website.


General information on Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, with cca. 1,9 million inhabitants, has a long cultural tradition, and numerous architectural and historical sights. You can get English language information on its touristic aspects at: Budapest tourism information

The local currency is the forint (Ft, HUF).
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ATMs can be found all over the place in the downtown area. All major credit cards are accepted in most stores, except for the smallest businesses.

Shops are usually open 10:00 - 18:00 on Monday - Friday, and 10:00 - 13:00 on Saturdays, but plazas and larger stores keep open longer, and some of them work on Sundays, too.