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Departments of the Institute


Department of Historical Linguistics and Uralic Studies   
  Research Group for Historical Linguistics    
  Research Group for Uralistics     
  Research Group for Latin Historical Linguistics and Dialectology   
  Minority languages in the process of urbanization: A comparative study of urban multilingualism in Arctic indigenous communities (NKFI 112476)   
  Uralic Information Centre  
Department of Language Technology and Applied Linguistics  
  Research Group for Hungarian Usage   
Research Group for Language Technology  
Department of Lexicography  
  Comprehensive Dictionary of Hungarian Research Group   
  New Etymological Dictionary of Hungarian Research Group   
  Lexical Knowledge Representation Research Group   
Department of Phonetics  
Department of Psycholinguistics, and Neurolinguistics  
  Research Group for Neurolinguistics  
  Research Group for Psycholinguistics  
Department of Theoretical Linguistics  
  Phonology and Morphology Research Group   
  Grammar and Pragmatics Research Group  
  Diachronic and Comparative Syntax Research Group  
  ELTE-MTA Department of Theoretical Linguistics   
  Comprehensive Grammar Resources – Hungarian   
  MTA NYTI Lendület Quantifier Scope Research Group  
  Theoretical and experimental approaches to dialectal variation and contact-induced change: a case study of Tundra Nenets (NKFI FK 129235)     
Center for Pragmatics Research  
  MTA NYTI Lendület Interactional Ritual Research Group  
Research Center for Multilingualism   
IT Department  
Finance Department