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Table of contents


Ana Teresa Alves: Anaphoric temporal locators and discourse structure

Kata Balogh: Exhausitivity operator(s) and Hungarian focus structure

Stefan Bott: Links, tails and monotonicity

Adrian Brasoveanu: Structured Discourse reference to propositions: Entailment particles and modal subordination in dynamic type logic

Lisa Brunetti: Italian background: Links, tails and contrast effects

Claudio C. e C. Gonçalves: About imperfectivity phenomena

Yael Greenberg: Structuring aspectual and temporal relations with two Hebrew adverbials, and the semantics/pragmatics of still

Atle Grřnn: Information structure and aspectual competition

Gerhard Jäger: Presuppositions, games, and bounded rationality

Olga Kagan: Specificity as speaker identifiability

Elena Karagjosova: The German response particle 'doch' as a case of contrastive focus

Marcus Kracht: Gnosis

Manfred Krifka: Can focus accenting be eliminated in favor of deaccenting Given constituents?

Barbara H. Partee and Vladimir Borschev: Information structure, perspectival structure, diathesis alternation, and the Russian genitive of Negation

Kjell Johan Sćbř: Theticity in a bidirectional theory of focus

Philippe Schlenker: Be articulate! A pragmatic solution to the projection problem

Carla Umbach: Non-restrictive modification and backgrounding

Richard Zuber: Some modifiers of conditionals

Zsófia Zvolenszky: A semantic constraint on the logic of modal conditionals