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Current projects
Hungarian Generative Diachronic Syntax 2 2015–
Finno-Ugric Digital Natives: Linguistic support for Finno-Ugric digital communities in generating online content 2013–
Large-scale, Cross-lingual Trend Mining and Summarisation of Real-time Media Streams (TrendMiner) 2013–2014 2013–2015
Slovak-Hungarian parallel corpus 2013–
Development of an eco-innovation marketplace based on semantic technologies (ECOINNO) 2012–
New Hungarian Contracted Braille Script 2012–
Innovative Networking in Infrastructure for Endangered Languages (INNET) 2011–
Hungarian Reference Database for Social Sciences (MATRICA) 2010–
Hungarian Generative Diachronic Syntax (HGDS) 2009–2013
helyesírá – Online spelling consultation portal 2008–
Completed projects
European Media Monitor – Hungarian module 2012
Central and South-East European Resources (CESAR) 2011–2013
Hungarian Kindergarten Language Corpus (HUKILC) 2011–2012
Internet Translators for all European Languages (iTranslate4) 2010–2012
Automated Motif Discovery in Cultural Heritage and Scientific Communication Texts (AMICUS) 2010–2011
Common Language Resources and their Applications (CLARA) 2009–2013
Human Computer Interaction Technologies (HuComTech) 2009–2011
Disclosure of BSI-2 2008–2012
Language and Speech Technology Platform 2008–2010
Dictionary of Hungarian Verb Phrase Constructions 2008–2010
Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (CLARIN) 2007–2009
Cross-Language Access to Catalogues and On-line Libraries (CACAO) 2007–2009
Study of national and ethnic identity through automatic content analysis of narratives of texts about historical events 2006–2008
Building of the Hungarian WordNet ontology and its applications in information extraction systems 2005–2007
Hungarian to English machine translation system 2004–2007
Hungarian Unified Ontology (MEO) 2004–2006
E-Vocabulary - A teaching tool for multi-criteria investigation of the vocabulary of contemporary Hungarian literature 2004
Intelligent multi-language document management using EUROVOC 2004
Intelligent electronic dictionary and lexical database (INLEX) 2003–2004
Hungarian Linguistics Portal 2003
Machine learning of the syntax of sentences, development of Hungarian syntactically annotated corpus (treebank) 2002–2004
Hungarian National Corpus Online 2002–2003
Authomatic information extraction from short (political, business, market) news (NewsPro) 2001–2003
Machine Translation System for use of Hungarian and Polish Administrations (MATCHPAD) 2000–2002
Hungarian National Corpus (HNC) 1998–2001
Consortium for Central European Dictionary Encoding (CONCEDE) 1998–2000
Trans European Language Resources Infrastructure (TELRI) 1997–2002
Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora (MULTEXT-EAST) 1995–1998
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