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Hungarian Generative Diachronic Syntax 2

Research Institute for Linguistics HAS
The project aims to continue the work of the Hungarian Generative Diachronic Syntax project (OTKA No. 78074) that was running at the Research Institute for Linguistics HAS between 2009-2013. The preceding project successfully produced a digitized corpus of Old Hungarian records in their original orthographic forms, and some of the texts have also been normalized and morphologically annotated. The aim of the project is to extend the Old Hungarian Corpus in horizontal and vertical dimensions. The database will be expanded by adding further Middle Hungarian sources, mainly New Testament translations. On the other hand, linguistic annotation (normalization, morphological analysis and disambiguation) will be provided for all New Testament translations from the Old and Middle Hungarian period. The already existing query interface ( will be expanded with new features in order to enhance data access and the retrieval of relevant information in support of linguistic research.
Grant ID: K 112057 – Funding: Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA)
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