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New Hungarian Contracted Braille Script

Research Institute for Linguistics HAS, MVGYOSZ
The Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (MVGYOSZ) has decided to expand the rule set of Hungarian contracted Braille script in order to increase its shortening capability from the current 10 percent to about 20 percent. It is possible to establish the ideal contracted Braille script which has the highest possible shortening capability in a corpus-driven autimatic way based on the frequency data of the Hungarian language. This research aims to develop the algorithm which produces the (nearly) ideal contracted script keeping the necessary human intervention at a minimum.

In addition to the powerful abbreviation, it is equally important aspect of the new contracted script its good readability (good recognizability by palpation) and easy learnability (short and simple set of rules). High shortening capability and convenient usability are conflicting requirements, so a careful compromise is needed here and also thourough direct testing by blind people in order that the potential users will accept and welcome to use the new contracted script. The desired abbreviation power of 18-20 percent is achievable using relatively few (60-80) rules.
Funding: own project
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